What bouquet of flowers for the 25th wedding anniversary


In the family we learn all the most important things and adopt traditions, habits and norms. And I want to give them some beautiful and sensual gifts that will be remembered for a long time. In our catalog you will quickly find the ideal composition for your loved ones without any extra effort. Bouquet for the 25th anniversary might be a great gift.

How to choose flowers

The question arises: what flowers should I give for this wedding anniversary to express my feelings to the married couple:

  1. Roses are one of the options for a large bouquet. A husband can give such a bouquet to his wife on their anniversary.

  2. Gerberas are solar representatives of the flora, carrying a charge of vivacity, positive energy and giving the energy of vitality.

  3. Large, multi-colored flowers are so appropriate for such a celebration that it can be difficult to refuse this option in favor of another.

They personify wisdom, sophistication and aristocracy. For such a bouquet you don’t need to look for a vase. Roses and lilies will be relevant, as they look as pure as crystals.

25th anniversary bouquet

One of the most important wedding anniversaries is, of course, golden. A basket of roses, a hat box with orchids, a huge bouquet of tulips are suitable for such a unique and joyful occasion. And now a significant milestone awaits them — 25 years of marriage.

In just a few minutes you can place an order and have flowers delivered to your home. We will be happy to do the rest for you. This applies not only to the colors themselves, but also to shades, styles, etc. In addition to classic roses, you can choose airy chrysanthemums, bright tulips, incomparable orchids, unusual lilies or graceful irises to congratulate your beloved parents.

Wedding anniversary day

On this bright and joyful day, everyone rushes to congratulate the spouses on the holiday — in the morning by phone, and in the evening in person. Plus, at such a moment there is an opportunity to congratulate a married couple with a basket of flowers or a bouquet by ordering delivery.

Especially if the celebration itself has been postponed to another day or the spouses for some reason will not celebrate it. This will be a pleasant and unexpected surprise, which will show that you are not indifferent to this anniversary and I really want to sincerely congratulate the people dear to you on such a significant date.

Large variety of flowers

Often this is a quiet home holiday, and only such significant dates as silver or golden weddings serve as a reason for organizing a large banquet. Experienced florists of our online store will assemble bouquets suitable for any wedding anniversary. In the first year of marriage, newlyweds often celebrate their “anniversary” monthly. White roses or tulips in combination with lush greenery of eucalyptus or ferns look impressive in a bouquet.

A bouquet using stabilized mosses and natural materials looks very picturesque. Our florists collect such compositions in a flowerpot or vase. What flowers should you give for your first wedding anniversary? Anemones, gerberas, tulips, peonies, roses and even red callas — each of these representatives of the flora, collected in a composition, will become a demonstration of love.